The Baja Dolphin Project es un proyecto de
AICMMARH, A.C., La Paz, Baja California Sur, México.

URGENT APPEAL - Help us protect the dolphins of La Paz

JULY 2018


Recently, the dolphins of La Paz have been severely impacted by noise and pollution

created by a massive dredging operation in the Ensenada de La Paz (the inner harbor)
and Bay of La Paz.

The scientists of the Baja Dolphin Project and our parent organization AICMMARH

led many local community leaders in fighting to stop this illegal dredging operation that
created immense amounts of noise harmful to dolphins and other marine mammals, and
polluted the Bay of La Paz with heavy metals
found in the bottom sediments.

Important Dolphin Habitat is Being

Poisoned by this Dredging Operation

The dredging was carried out by the Mexican Navy, operating in violation of Mexican law without having conducted environmental impact studies and without regard for fragile habitat affected by the dredge plume and the dumping.


In June 2018, we succeeded in stopping the dumping by securing a historic court order from a federal judge, forcing the Navy to halt the dredging.

But so much damage has already been done.

More than 300,000 cubic meters of contaminated sediment were dumped into the waters at the mouth of the Bay of La Paz. 

It is potentially the largest environmental disaster in La Paz history, and it is happening right now.

Now that we have stopped the dredging, there is still much work to do. It's time to get our scientists back out on the water studying the damage and doing all they can to protect the dolphins of La Paz.

PLEASE MAKE A DONATION and help us in our campaign to protect the dolphins of La Paz.

Your donation keeps our scientists out on the water protecting dolphins, keeps our lawyers fighting for dolphins in court, and supports new research that can help stop this disaster.