The Baja Dolphin Project es un proyecto de
AICMMARH, A.C., La Paz, Baja California Sur, México.

The Sea of Cortez

The tropical waters of the Sea of Cortez are among the richest and most bio-diverse in the world.   Bordered by the empty deserts of the Baja California peninsula, this sea has been largely spared from human impact until the mid-20th Century. 


But in the last 50 years, fishing, mining, and coastal development have severely impacted this sea that Jacques Cousteau once called "the aquarium of the world".

  • Over 900 fish species

  • 32 marine mammal species

  • 459 bird species

  • Over 5000 invertebrate species

The dolphins of the Sea of Cortez are under severe threat from human activities.  It is a critical time in the history of this beautiful body of water.

Will humans extinguish the rich life in this beautiful sea, or will humans protect this treasure for all generations to come?